Web Development

websites From a simple cost effective website to a content management interactive website with Animation . Web sites are one of the main sources of marketing. This medium gets used more often these days and is an essential library and communications tool. Let it be a normal website, mobile site, or even a dynamic site which interacts with a database. There are lots of choices to choose from,  Static ,  Dynamic , Database Driven or  Content Management System .

Animation & Video

videoWe are using video, more and more, each day.

One of the main uses to include in your marketing campaign is to show your corporate video on your exhibition stand. An intro animation can be used for your CD-Rom, or presentation. You will also be able to include this on your web site.



Triangular X, is a well established New Media agency

We take pride in not just meeting but also exceeding our clients expectations, be it Multimedia, Mobile, Publishing or Web.

Our team of highly trained experts are a force to be reckoned with, where others may say something is impossible our team says We will CREATE it!. Passionately creating a master piece that will fill you with awe.

We offer high quality products at reasonable prices and our creativity, our funky fresh ideas and great work ethics will put you leap years ahead of your competitors. Excellence is a choice.

The first step to a successful project is listening skills.  Our mission is to clearly define your project’s objective, interface, design, budget and timing.  Then together our journey begins to turn your dream into a reality by starting with the concept flowing into a storyboard which is the blueprint that offers a crystal clear path to designing and developing your own master Piece.

Our desire is for you to share in the exhilarating experience of the creation and transformation of your project, your dream, it is your dragonfly. The dragonfly teaches us to apply the art of illusion to our own questions and situations – to remember things are never completely as they seem. It teaches us to look at the illusionary facade we accept as reality. The shifting movement, energy, form, and color of its iridescent wings open vague memories – reminding us of alternative perspectives. Dragonfly is the essence of change, the message of enlightenment and wisdom. It guides us through the mists of illusion – it is the gatekeeper to the pathway of transformation.

Grant us the opportunity to be YOUR dragonfly